iPad / iPhone / Android Augmentative Communication Info

Basic Handout for iPad / iPod / Android Augmentative Communication

Android Apps for Augmentative Communication in Google App Store



AAC Evaluation Genie (App for testing various skills needed for Augmentative Communication)

Video Tutorial



Manuals and Written Tutorials

Video Tutorial (Basic  Informational Video)


GoTalk Now icon

GoTalk Now

Manuals and Written Tutorials

Basic Video Tutorial



Pogo Boards Main Website

Video Tutorials



Manuals and Written Tutorials linked from Proloquo2go Website

Tutorial Videos linked from Proloquo2go Website


Sono Flex free software for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Sonoflex  (Available also for Android Devices!!!!)

Manuals and Written Tutorials

Basic Video Tutorial

Adding Contexts Video

Editing Existing Buttons Video

Settings / Help Video

Using History Video

Sonoflex Android Video



Sounding Board (Basic Switch Accessible Augmentative Communication iPad / iPod app)

Web Based Manual

Video Tutorial



Touchchat (Suite of Augmentative Communication Apps for iPad iPod)

Manuals and Written Materials

Video Tutorials

Other Support Resources


ur talker

Ur Talker Main Website

Manuals and Written Materials

Video Tutorials



Verbally (Typing or Text Based Augmentative Communication App)

Basic Video Tutorial




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