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Assessing Students for Assistive Technology
Examples and Case studies of assistive technology assessments conducted in a school district.  Examples of assessment reports and forms will be provided. Videos of students using AT will also be shown.

Basic Macintosh or Windows Software Overviews
Making aliases & folders, installing software, basic terms, using software such as Stuffit for transfer of files, using digital scanners & cameras etc.

Don Johnston Products
Don Johnston’s Solo Literacy Suite Stand alone and network versions, Wordmaker, Simon SIO, Start to Finish Books

Early Childhood / PPCD Technology Overview
>Various products, access methods and tools that can be used with early childhood students. Many Activities designed specifically for Early Childhood Teachers made with programs such as, Boardmaker and Intellipics Studio.

Intellitools Product Trainings
Intellitools Classroom Suite 4, Overlay Maker 3, Intellikeys USB, and other Intellitools Products

Inexpensive and Free Tools for the Classroom
Tips, websites and shortcuts for teachers who want to use the internet more effectively in the classroom.  Free software on the internet, websites for testing, gradebooks, puzzles and more. (Sections workshop can be combined with other workshops upon request)

LD Overview of Technology
Three’s Company – Comparing Text Readers - This dynamic and innovative workshop will open participants’ eyes to the power of integrating an electronic text reader along with the technology support to scaffold the writing process. Learn how to scan documents and textbooks to be placed into electronic text readers, convert books to MP3’s and as a motivator to students convert text to cell phone ringtones.  New technology introduced will include Classmate handheld text reader, the use of Ipod’s as text readers, and a fully functional yet pocket-sized version of Kurzweil which is stored on a USB flash drive.
Come learn new features that allow for some documents such as PDF’s (Example: News-2-You online newspaper) to be easily imported into the reader without scanning.

Technology to Support Writing: Talking Word Processors, Graphic Organizers, and Word Prediction - All students, including those with learning disabilities and dyslexia can increase their academic success with the use of supportive technology.  Learn technologies that assist with writing across grade levels will be explored. For the very young child to the student with extremely low cognitive skills programs like Boardmaker, Picture it, and Pix writer will open your eyes to new ideas for writing. Discover Dragon Naturally Speaking a spoken voice dictation program, great for both resource and content mastery. See how word prediction, text to speech, and animated storybook software can make your students writing come alive. Inspiration will allow students to use both visual and graphic stimuli to organize an outline. The training will provide demonstrations applications of talking word processors such as Write:OutLoud and Intellitalk II; word prediction programs such as Co:Writer 4000, SoothSayer and WYNN; and graphic organization software such as Inspiration, Kidspiration, and Draft:Builder. This presentation will feature software for students with physical disabilities and without including alternative access methods to writing.

Mayer Johnson Products
1. Using Boardmaker to Teach TAKS (Create TAKS oriented handouts)
2.Beginning Boardmaker (Using internet to expand library, create new libraries, low tech communication boards as well as language and math based activities)
3. Boardmaker 6.0 and/or Boardmaker Plus
4. Boardmaker Make and Take (Create Speech and Classroom Based Lessons and Activities) for Life Skills, PPCD etc
5. Boardmaker for the Speech Language Pathologist
6. Boardmaker for Bilingual Classrooms

Augmentative Communication for Students with Autism
Speak Easy, Vocal Assistant, Voice Pal, Dynavox, Crestalk, Chatbox, Blackhawk, Big Mack, VoicePal, Microvoice, Intellikeys, Speaking Dynamically, Boardmaker, Tech Speak, Tango, Chat PC Silk, Dynavox, PRC

Overview of Technology for Speech Language Pathologists
Boardmaker, Speaking Dynamically, Speech Viewer 3, Voice Tools, SRA Photo Articulation Library, Edmark’s Words Around Me **Several of these programs are in English and Spanish.

Overview of Techonology for Deaf Education
Learn to use Boardmaker, Cowriter Solo, Inspiration 8, Kidspiration 3, and Classroom Suite 4 to teach academic skills. Plus an overview of hardware and funding available to deaf education students and adults.

More Tools in the Toolbox - Setting Up Your Classroom for Universal Access
This workshop will look at computer access features and tools of Judy Lynn Software, Soft Touch Software, and Intellitools Classroom Suite. Participants will be led in a step by step process allowing them the opportunity to both access and learn new features in these programs that currently offer pre programmed accessibility options. Participants will see how to edit and customize these tools as well as create their on unique activities. Learn and have fun with software such as, Wheel of Sounds, Cinema Life Skills, Cause and Effect Cinema, In Sequence Stories, Learning to Use a Mouse, 2 Step Scanning, Test Me Score Me and Teaching Access Ability.Participants will discover the versatility the programs offer.  Numerous access features from a head mouse, touch window, intellikeys, scanning and more will be demonstrated for participants to gain a better understanding of the many options available for access. Improve student motivation and learning through access and teach a core curriculum of math, reading, and writing along with  making language experiences what they should be - Fun!

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