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Misc Educational Sites by Category

Teacher Resources and Games

ABCTeach - Lesson Plans and ideas for teachers

A Rhyme a Week - Nursery Rhymes for Early Literacy

Coloring Pages - Misc coloring pages at

Enchanted Learning

Family Fun - Website for popular family magazine. Good activity ideas. - search for sounds on the web

Fonts4Teachers - Dotted Print, Cursive, Math and Clock Fonts for purchase

Funbrain - Online Quizes and Games for Education

Learning Planet


Autism Strategies

Autism Publication

Autism Hand in Hand

Behavior Strategies

Sensory Diet


Were a Parent

Autism Conference Handouts


Sensory Info

Sensory Info 2

Sensory Info 3

New York State Info

Other Autism Links

Speech, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Sites

ASL Browser - dictionary of ASL signs

ASL Online - ASL dictionary online

Aug Resources

Signing Avatar - online signing interpreter (also commercial version available)

Speaking of Speech - speech therapy info site

Speech Teach

Texas Department of Deaf and Hard of Hearing

iPod - iPhone - iPad resources

50 fun iPad apps

Online Books and Stories

DLTK's Printable Crafts For Kids

Online Children's Stories

New York City Adapted Powerpoint Books

North Carolina Adapted Books

Predictable Books - books and writing journals to download and/or order

Tarheel Reader


Materials and Product Purchasing Information

Lockfast Inc. - Order bulk velcro and fabrics

Learning - search for products by disability or learning problem

Think 4 Inc. - Inexpensive Ink Cartridge Refills and Paper

Math Links

Math Baseball
The Plural Girls
Proton Don
Grammar Gorillas
Math Car Racing

Great Math Practice for all ages!

Pattern Blocks


Measurement Practice


Check your skills


Spacey Math

Addition and Subtraction

The Counting Game

Beat the clock!

Math Brain!

Tic Tac Toe squares

Number Time

Number Music


Chinese Puzzle

Cool but Hard!

Count to 100!

Everyday Math Games

Math Mayhem



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