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Learning Disabilities

(Hardware, Software and General Information)

Alphasmart Inc - AlphaSmart 3000 Keyboard & Applications

Don Johnston - Cowriter 4000, Simon Sounds It Out, Simon Spells, Write:Outloud, Draft Builder

Edmark - Imagination Express, Let's Go Read 1 & 2, Stories and More, Words Around Me

Educational Resources - Quizworks

Inspiration Software - Inspiration 6.0, Kidspiration

IntelliTools - IntelliTalk II,Intellimatics, Mathpad, Mathpad Plus Fraction & Decimals

Learning Magic - Accessible Learning Activities for All Ages
(Activities for Intellitools, Softtouch's My Own Bookshelf, Clicker 5, Dynavox, and PRC)

Optimum Resource Inc. - Vocabulary Development, Spelling Rules, Stickybear Software

Perfect Solutions - Laser PC

Cast (Center for Applied Special Technologies) - Cast eReader

Tom Snyder Productions - Math Mysteries, That's A Fact Jack, Read

Visions - Math Companion, Phonics Companion, Vocabulary Companion

Words+ - EZ Keys

Other Resources for Reading and Writing

Richard Wanderman/LD Resources


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