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Augmentative Communication

!!!!!!!!!!! STAP Forms (State Funding for Augmentative Communication Devices) !!!!!!!!!!!!

AbleNet - BIGmack, Switch Accessible Software, Switches

Adaptivation - VoicePal, Taction Pads

Augmentative Resources - Great velcro aides and accessories

Assistive Technology Inc. - Mercury, Link Plus

Don Johnston - Switch Interface Pro 5.0

Dynavox - MiniMo, MightyMo , Dynavox V, Dynavox Xpress, Palmtop Communicator

Enabling Devices - 7 Level Communication Builder, Cheap Talk, Say It Switch, Switches

Frame Technologies - talkPad, Voice-in-a-Box

Hitech Rehab Solutions

Hitech Rehab

IntelliTools - IntelliKeys USB, Intelliswitch USB, Classroom Suite 4, Overlay Maker 3

iPad / iPhone / Android Augmentative Communication Page

Learning Magic - Accessible Learning Activities for All Ages
(Activities for Intellitools, Softtouch's My Own Bookshelf, Clicker 5, Dynavox, and PRC)

Mayer Johnson - Speaking Dynamically, Boardmaker, TechSpeak,TechTalk,TechScan

Prentke Romich Devices - (Assistive Communication Technology Inc.) - Vantage, Vanguard, Springboard

New Proloquo2go - Add Augmentative Communication to an iPod or iPhone - Picture w/ speaker attached - Video of Device in Use New

Saltillo - Chatbox, ChatPC

Words+ - Messagemate, Talking Screens, EZ Keys

Zygo - Macaw, Lightwriter 

Other Sites for Augmentative Communication 


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